Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved crafts.  Then one day she grew up, married, and had a family of her own - which included another little girl who loved crafts as much as her mother. They had a blast creating new things. And their most recent adventure lead them to this - Punky's Creations. It's hard to believe it all started with a roll of pickle duct tape, Punky received as a gift.

She decided first she wanted a wallet - so Mom found a pattern and made her one - but that wasn't good enough.  She wanted a purse to put the wallet in.  Of course, Mom said fine - finally once that was done, Ms. Punky wanted one for her best friend. And guess what! Mom made a matching wallet and purse for her as well (but this time in pink cheetah print.) 
After all this was done, Mom thought...whew, she was done. But no, she wasn't.  And why? Well Punky and her friend took their purses to school. All their classmates wanted one. 

That's when Punky came up with the idea of selling them (at a reasonable price) to her friends for pocket money.  So what do you think? Aren't they cute?